XL Brake booster for Fiat 124

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XL Brake booster for Fiat 124

by LADA World » Oct 17th, '18, 16:24

We need some help to figure out if this XL brake system is possible to fit into a Fiat 124 :???:
Below are sizes of the old and new XL brake systems.
There are 4 issues where we would like some help (We simply don't have a Fiat 124)
  1. There is a gap of 5 mm (The shaft is 5 mm longer)
  2. The diameter of the booster is 243 mm (where the old was 182 mm)
  3. The mounting studs are reduced to 2 pieces with a diagonal distance of 95 mm
  4. The new brake master cylinder has the brake pipes coming in from the side (see photo)
Ad. 1
Does the 5 mm extension of the shaft matter at all. If it does matter, put on shims to the 2 mounting pins (until it does not matter).
Ad. 2
This is probably the most critical issue. On the LADA we have a hydraulic clutch master cylinder that will hit the booster canister.
Ad. 3
Is it possible to drill 2 new holes right there ?
Ad. 4
It must depend on what else is in the way (Carburetor, Volumex-compressor ..). The brake pipes are however pulled back 6 cm compared to the old design.

Minor issues LADA World will fix for you:
In the brake-pipes, you will also need a T-piece since the new design only gives 2 connections whereas the old design gave 3 connections.
A new brake fluid canister is needed (We are not 100% sure, please confirm)

Please help us to answer the list of issues (1 to 4).
As a reward, you will receive a 50% refund when buying this kit :thxx: