Shipping to Uruguay

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Shipping to Uruguay

Unread post by LADA World » Jun 12th, '18, 07:14

Details about Uruguay

The local rules, and how to do customs declaration for Uruguay can be found here: ... u-obsequio
General for all countries outside Europa: LADA World fill out and attach the Customs Declaration Document (CDD) to your parcel. The values and numbers in the CDD is always 100% identical to the values and numbers on the Invoice.

Tracking a parcel from LADA World to Uruguay can be found here:
(Using the local Tracking systems in Uruguay, provides you with a much more detailed information)
You can use the tracking code LADA World has sent to you (in an e-mail). The tracking code looks like this: CCxxxxxxxxxDK

Please post reply's if you have any further information about importing to Uruguay.
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