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Shipping + Prices

Unread post by LADA World » Apr 30th, '18, 07:26

Question from a LADA owner in Chile
Envía a chile y valor
(Do you ship/send to Chile and the price)

Yes, LADA World can ship to any country around the world (Including Chile ;) )
The shipping price is coded into the web-shop. To find out the exact price, you will need to do this:
Go to the web-shop: LADA World
Select your language (and currency) A + B
Create a Login (an account) C

Put some products in the shopping cart.
Check out (Confirm).
Remember to pick the correct shipping method (see the red circle below)

Tip: If you have a friend in Europe, you can also have the parts shipped to your friend.
Advantages: A much lower shipping price. It is Tax-free (if the person who made the order, lives outside EU)
Having a LADA is not about driving from A to B.