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Welcome, please read this first

Unread post by LADA World » Jan 19th, '18, 20:19

This Support Community is created to avoid e-mails and phone calls to LADA World.
At LADA World we spend too much time answering private e-mails. We want all in the community to read the questions and answers, then the whole community can help and benefit.

You may ask, comment, reply and share anything related to the LADA parts, the Web-Shop or documents.
LADA World can only survive if you help us. The best way to help us, is besides buying our parts, to write a review, share your stories or help giving feedback in this Support Community.
If you are unsure where to place your Post, just do your best ;) - LADA World will move your post to the correct category.

Please also:
  • Post a descriptive topic name! Give a short summary of your question IN THE SUBJECT
  • Write in simple plain English, it simply takes too many resources to translate for you
  • Do not use slang or abbreviations such as "Tranny" or "Pricey". It is slang for "Transmission/Gearbox" and "Expensive"
To insert an image, use a "Free Image Hosting". Below is a guide for Image
Image Find imgbb.com, press the button to upload any image.
Image Select a file and press Upload
Image Select "BBCode full linked", and press COPY

Insert the code in your Post, like this

Code: Select all

The final result looks like this:
The final result looks like this:

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