Torsen Differential dimensions

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Torsen Differential dimensions

Unread post by saemi1234 » May 7th, '19, 18:09


I need to know the dimensions of this torsen differential (or any other niva differential), because I want to fit it in an old tractor.
We use the tractor for racing, so the torsen would be perfect. ... ntial.html

Here are the dimension that I need:

thanks and greetings

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Re: Torsen Differential dimensions

Unread post by LADA World » May 12th, '19, 08:49


Before we spend too much time on this:
:o Have you thought about what axles (Driveshafts) to use ?
This Torsen differential only fits with either LADA or Fiat 124 axles.

>x< Are there any other "Stops" in your build, that will make you abandon this build (Any dimensions that must to be met) ?
Having a LADA is not about driving from A to B.

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