You don't need to be an expert in every detail

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You don't need to be an expert in every detail

Unread post by LADA World » Jan 30th, '18, 10:39

Perhaps you have detailed knowledge about a few spare parts (because you have been working with a specific problem).
Your detailed information may be valuable to many other LADA owners - please share your information before it's lost.

This Support Community is about helping and supporting other LADA owners.

How do I help ?
Please make a "Post Reply", or make a "New Post" and follow the guide below.

When writing a Post, please write in details:
- HOW you solved an issue, or
- What and where EXACTLY is your problem

To be able to confirm your solutions, it is vital that you add reasoning, photos, screen copies or links - so everybody understands your conclusions.
This way we can trust the solution. And we can make an official announcement about the issue.

Thanks for your understanding,
Stig Flensborg/LADA World
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